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Michelin restaurant


Fresh organic vegetables

Group dinner in Amsterdam

For an unforgettable group dinner in Amsterdam, we warmly welcome you at Graham’s Kitchen in De Pijp. With our culinary style, we create exciting combinations based on pure flavours. Every dish is a piece of art with a delicious taste. Served with a hand-picked wines, you will enjoy every bite.

Our menu

For dinner or just drinks, the relaxed vibe in this peaceful little corner of De Pijp is a charming way to while away your time.

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Enter with your group of friends to enjoy a superb dinner in Amsterdam

Whether you want a table for five or more for a group dinner, we warmly welcome you in our restaurant in Amsterdam. Relax in the calm atmosphere with your group, enjoy the superb flavours with your colleagues or order a culinary delight with an stunning presentation for your family. At Graham’s Kitchen, we work with sustainable and organic local suppliers as much as possible. That way, we share the passion for food. Our menu changes constantly. Every four to six weeks you can expect new dishes from our chef which you can enjoy during your group dinner at De Pijp in Amsterdam.

Surprise your group of friends with a dinner at Graham's Kitchen.

We make dining pleasurable and effortless with our friendly service. You can reserve a table for a group of up to forty people. Are you a vegetarian? No problem, we have options for you as well. Enjoy our tasting menu during your group dinner at Graham’s Kitchen in Amsterdam and experience an unforgettable night out

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